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On this Site you'll find the Aesclepion Meditation I Class and the Spiritual Wellness: 7-Chakras.                 aesclepion.com

This work as is all of the Aesclepion Curriculum is based on the recognition that you have innate   intuitive abilities.  These abilities like all of your abilities become skills only by putting them to use.  If not put to use, these abilities become dormant. 
In the Meditation I Class you look at a very specific set of techniques that when developed into skills become psychic tools that serve in both a personalized meditative practice and as importantly, serve in a very practical daily way.
The 7-Chakras: Steps to Spiritual Balance is a larger step organized around 7-Units.  Allowing a month for each Unit you are looking at a minimum of a 7-month program.  This is personal.  Through a series of meditations in each Unit you explore the harmonic or lack there of between your physical body and your spiritual body.  And when you find an adjustment is called for you act along with the healers in the Aesclepion Healing Center.


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